Dry-Flush Toilet means no pump-out

What to you like to do after a hunt or camp out?

I paid my nephew to pump out the camp trailer after my last trip. It’s the last thing I wanted to do after an otherwise great trip.

My brother paid a few thousand dollars to put a new holding tank under his camp trailer. It had cracked and was leaking. It either cracked from getting frozen on a trip. Or it cracked from hitting bottom on a very rough road. Or it just wore out. He is going to spend money to heat his new tank, so it won’t freeze again.

Last summer, we had a pitcher of water in our camp toilet, to flush stuff down the drain. The regular flush was no longer working and we didn’t have the parts to fix the toilet, up in the mountains.

But what can you do? When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Can you believe there actually is a better camp toilet? No pumping out ever. No stink and no flies. No water to freeze. In fact no water to carry for flushing at all. No plumbing to fail. Blessedly, you don’t even have to clean the toilet bowl between uses, or ever. The bowl is perfectly clean every time.

And no, I am not talking about permanent constipation.

It is called a “dry-flush” toilet. You do your thing, push a button and it wraps up everything in an odor-free bag, and presents a whole new, clean bowl. When it finally fills itself up, you lift out a black garbage bag, and throw the thing in the trash. Put a new clean cartridge into the toilet and you are literally ready to go.

The toilet installs anywhere because there is no plumbing. You just sit the bowl where you want, indoors or out, and it is ready to work. It runs on a battery that needs to be recharged occasionally.

One of my brothers removed the perfectly working flush toilet from his travel trailer and put in a dry-flush toilet. He no longer hauls waste water anywhere. He is also putting a dry-flush toilet on his pontoon boat. He got the canvas cover from Cabelas, where they sell them to cover porta-potties. But he will never have to clean and empty a porta-potty. He always was better at taking care of business.

Dry flush means that after a great hunt, you never have to poop-out your camper again. You never have to fix your camper plumbing or holding tanks again. The toilet can’t freeze on a winter hunt. And it is way less stinky. Check out the sanitation tab on www.better-outdoors.com.

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