The Features Listed Below were deemed so unique that the US Patent Office has awarded Utility Patent #10,633,064 as of April 28, 2020

20 Unique Features Gained Patent Protection

There is no other boat like the SS Njoy. It fills a unique place in the market between a big, expensive Powerboat, and all the 2 and 4 place row boats, motor boats, and canoes. It is safer and more stable than any of them. It carries more people. It is more comfortable with side seating, and more fun because you can stand up, move around, and hang out over the edge.

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Boat in a box

Designed to fit everything inside

For transporting and storage we want the boat to be as compact as possible. That means one "box" has to include everything; even the battery, the anchor, a paddle, life jackets. They all will fit.

"Box" Closed

Easy to carry & store

Unlike inflatable boats, that fit into bulky bags - one for the boat, another for the seats and floor boards, and all the extras left over, this is a solid box that actually can be stored in a small space, and even have other garage items stored on top of it. When you transport it, you load one "box" and you have everything.


Quick to deploy

Family Boat

Side seating lets everyone see and talk to each other

Seat four people. But instead of everyone sitting on planks in the middle, facing forward, like most boats, people sit where they can enjoy each other's company. Talk to faces instead of the backs of heads.


Wood and foam inside the high impact ABS shell

Enough wood to support the shell and strengthen the floor. More than enough solid foam in the sides for floatation and rigidity.

Throttles - Thrusters

Built-in Propulsion

Dual throttles give finger-tip control of the dual thrusters that are built into the base of the boat. This system is so much better than using a bulky, heavy trolling motor. They allow launching in much shallower water. They are so much lighter. They provide enough thrust to deal with fairly strong winds, but they use less battery because of their ducted fan design. And they don't have to be carried or mounted. Open the boat and they are already in place.

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