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Includes everything; boat compartments & bow, pontoon & outriggers, connectors, even the built-in thrusters and throttle. Also includes an anchor rope & a power tool to speed assembly. You will need to add a 12 volt battery. See accessories below.

Buy a non-thruster outboard version of this boat for $1,995. Add your own gas or electric trolling motor - for use on bigger lakes where more horsepower may be needed. Motor mount is included, but not the motor.

Portable Boat with built-in thrusters

Portable Boat - with motor mount. (No Thrusters)


About $239

Any deep cycle marine battery will work. 100 amp hours will keep you on the water for a day, if you don't run full throttle all the time. They only cost about $230, but they weigh between 60 & 70 lbs. Not so portable.

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Our Battery

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We hated the weight of lead-acid batteries. So we have imported some lithium deep cycle marine batteries from China. They are 100 amp hour capacity, and weigh only about 10 lbs. They come with their own wall charger. They are waterproof. We stand them up at the back of the boat and they take almost no floor space.

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About $26

The Chene CH25 anchor fits in the bow compartment of our boat and is big enough to hold our boat in a wind. If you buy it at Walmart online, you can pick it up at the store and save the shipping costs of a heavy item.

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Our Anchor


All of the metal anchors are too heavy for our taste. We want our boat to be lighter and easier to load and unload. So we invented an aluminum and plastic anchor that is light weight and has some special features. For example the 4" disks hold the back of the anchor off the bottom and set the angle for the points of the anchor to dig in. We are testing it now and will sell it if it works and holds up like we hope.

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Compact Paddle

About $20

We have tried several telescoping paddles. But they don't hold up. So far we have used them to push off of very shallow shores, & they break under the pressure. We are still looking for a paddle that is light weight, collapses to be very small and fit inside a pontoon, but beomes long enough & is strong enough to push off with. And also work as a paddle if we ever need that.

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